Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 8: Horseback Riding

Today, I went horseback riding. Besides the fact my butt hurts and I returned home covered in dirt-- I had a great time. It is very interesting here in Bariloche. One side of the lake (as most of my pictures posted) is very mountain-ish and alive with greens and more snow. The other side of the lake (where I went horseback riding) is more desert like terrain and very windy with dirt.

I arrived at school at 10 a.m. and met up with my amigos that were coming with. It was a thirty minute bus ride to the other side of the lake and then three miles on a dirt path to the ranch.

I went horseback riding on a family owned ranch. I mean, wow. We had two tour guides come with us. My group went all day. We rode for three hours in the a.m., had lunch and then went back out for two more hours.

I saw all of Bariloche from the other side of the lake. Also, my amiga and I switched cameras so she could take pictures of me, and I of her, while we were riding in the morning. I got some great pictures of me riding and it was fun seeing what she had taken of me.

My horse. Well, let's just say that it reminded me of me-- totally stubborn. ha. In the morning he was a little more unsure of me, but by time the afternoon we rolled along as though we were best friends. I really want a horse now. I have always enjoyed them and I can see why people have them. Maybe one day... or maybe a horse besides kids... ha :)

I am one week away from home. One week into Bariloche. One week into already a lot of adventures. Even though I am still very very tired, I hope to get in touch with the local Rotary. I want to start planning my two projects here as part of my Rotary scholarship.

I sadly have not heard from the local Rotary before my arrival, but my house mom said that she knows someone in the Rotary if all else fails. So maybe after my Spanish gets a little better, I can go talk to them. Either way, I am going to figure out a way to bring my Rotary Ambassador promise to Bariloche.

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