Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 25: Mejor

I do not have much to report from Argentina besides a medical note that I am feeling much better today. Mejor. I have been in bed and in the house since Tuesday, and will be here again all day today.

I am happy that I am locked in my house for another day, actually. Traditionally, this would be the day I would start moving... meaning I would probably make myself sick all over again.

Two of mis amigas came to visit me yesterday in the evening. We went and sat outside in the shade for about an hour. It was great to finally see someone from school.

The sad part about this week for me: I will be the only one left from my original group beginning Sunday. All of the people that I started with on Enero 4, will be gone. I will be the old one starting Lunes at school. This week has been a challenge because the four people left in my group I have not seen. Hopefully, I will see them tomorrow when I head to town to go to the doctor in the morning.

Lunes, I will begin making new friends. Talking really is not hard for me and I can pretty much befriend an arbol, but it will be odd to not have the original group for the rest of my time here in Bariloche.

A part of me can not believe that four weeks have flown by so quickly. The other part can not believe that it has only been four weeks.

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