Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 5: Mountain jogging

On the way up...

to one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL...


I have EVER been.

Don't get me wrong-- I LOVE TO HIKE. Love it. I love to walk, run, be active, sweat and all the joys of being outdoors. But before I get into the beauty of these pictures, I must explain my mountain jogging experience.

At school, there is a board with activites for every week. If you are interested, then you sign up and go. Yesterday was such a nice day in Bariloche that many people (myself included) signed up a few hours before the excursion. This place is known as Cerro Campanario. Angie (the school head) said that the walk up was only 30 minutes. Angie came with us. See-- this "walk" is only 30 minutes to Angie because she jogs up this mountain. Normally (come to find out) this is a good hour walk. We JOGGED it in 30 minutes. The movie Rat Race (I think that is the name of it) came to my mind as I kept on repeating, "It's a race."

Insane. Totally insane. I will never go hiking with dear Angie, again. :) But the thing is, whether jogging or hiking, the uphill climb resulted in a breathtaking view. Unbelievable. Wowowowow as my fiance and I say sometimes. Look at the pictures. The blue clearness of the water. I thought that color was only available in the tropics- ha. A few of the mountains belong to Chile, as I am that close to the boarder. The mountain with all the snow made me SUPER happy because I never see such a display of snow in Georgia.

The view put into perspective the beauty that is in Bariloche and Patagonia, Argentina. I am five days in and I feel like I have been here for weeks. I think it is because the people are so nice and the town is very calm and relaxing.

Slowing down after living 3 1/2 years in Atlanta has been a challenge since graduating in December. I am breaking my need to always feel that life is such a rush. Por ejemplo: when you go to a restaurant in Argentina-- do not be in a hurry. They consider it rude. Do not rush the server. Do not rush the drink order. Do not rush the food. I mean, it comes out in a reasonable time, but it is not rushed. Needless to say, fast food does not exist in Bariloche. I don't even think they have a McDonald's. And no Starbucks, either :)

But... life goes on.

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