Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 11: Mi cama

My bed.

This is where I have stayed all day today. I walked to get some medicine and more orange juice this morning, but other than that-- I have been in bed sleeping with Mickey... the cat ;)

I have not introduced my lovely animals yet. The cat is Mickey. She is very very sweet and will sit with you all day if you let her. The dog is Luna. She also is very sweet and stays inside. I think that she is one of the calmest dogs I have ever met... well, besides my Brooks from growing up. I am really happy they have animals. They are great company and lots of fun.

One last thing for today... I have only been in Bariloche for 11 days and I have already made such good friends. I know that I have God to thank for this. My girl friend Kathrina came by to see me today. To check in on me because she knew I was sick. She also said that 'the group' said to feel better and that they missed me :) That right there has truly brightened my day.

I am looking for brighter and warmer skies tomorrow... last time I checked the weather reported a high of 33 celsius... you can convert that if you are interested.

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  1. Aww!! I love that you have pets there!! Hope you are feeling better Megs! Love you!! xoxo