Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Month: Living not visiting

It has been one month in Bariloche. One month out of the states. One month into this new life that is starting to pass very quickly. Though the reality: I am living here now... not just visiting.

Everyday life is no longer about going all the time, but living in the routine of an Argentinean. Siesta occurs everyday in Bariloche. Shops close from roughly 1 p.m. to 4:30. Literally, the town closes. Some restaurants are open. I feel like they pick and choose the days that they want to have a siesta. I took advantage of seista today. I don't think I feel asleep last night till roughly 5 in the manana. I needed to rejuvenate.

School is going. This morning was hard without sleep. No endless amount of coffee could supply me with the boost I needed. This week has also been hard to focus. I know that I did not go to school last week because I was incredibly sick, but I am burnt out on school and traveling is calling my name. I have my advancement test tomorrow morning. It is my birthday tomorrow so I am hoping for a good result to start out the day!

This birthday is happy and sad. Mi papi and I have the same birthday. It will be the first time in 22 years that we have not spent it together. Dad, I hope you know that I am sad we can not party together. But in April, it is a date... I promise. Happy Birthday to you :)

The weather in Bariloche is continuing to throw me for a loop. It is cold here this weekend. I almost think it maybe warmer to spend my b-day in Georgia... in the winter. Cause right now, this is not summer action. I think Monday should be nice. Just in time for more school!

It has also has been a quiet week. Been getting back into jogging. I want to jog up Cerro Otto before I leave in April. I haven't made it very far BUT I am hopeful. Very hopeful. Now that I am all better.

On Tuesday, I did a crazy and brave thing: haircut in Argentina. I got my hair scrubbed by a lady who massaged my brain with every intense lather. She even washed my hair twice... I think she was trying to tell me something? NO ONE spoke English. Ha, my Spanish is advancing but the conversation went something like this:

Hairdresser: "Necesitas un cortar?"
Meg: "Si, un corta."
Hairdresser: "Cuanto?"
Meg: (raising my hands to my head) "Este." (As I touch my hair to indicate I want an inch taken off). "Pero, necesito una corta practical pero me gusta una corta que es un poco loco."

Roughly, I told her I wanted a practical cut but a little crazy. Ten minutes later, soy una nueva persona. It was the fastest haircut I had ever witnessed and received. My girlfriend also had a similiar experience. Not too many words, but a fantastic result. Me encanta mi nuevo pelo. It is short and easy.

To end, I have to say that life is going much better in Bariloche and that I have finally settled in. I don't feel like my life is incredibly exciting right now, but that is part of feeling like a local. I no longer feel like a tourist... I am becoming a little Argentinean :)

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  1. Megan,

    I can't express how much I've enjoyed following your blog and your experiences in Argentina. I understand there has been some rough spots, but I am impressed with how well you have handled them. This is such a blessing to be able to experience life outside of our comfortable US.

    I visited with Joyce yesterday and she gave me your blog address and asked that I give you her love and best wishes for a Happy Birthday!! She was incredibly worried about you initially, but now I think she is beginning to understand what a wonderful experience this is for you. She is very proud....with good reason.

    I'm sorry that you have been ill. I'm sure this was no fun being so far away from home. We're thinking of you and praying for your safety. We look forward to your return, but also hope that your experience will be one that you will carry with you a good way.

    Much love,