Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 45: Middle y Rubia

I am in the middle. Literally, I am the middle child. But literally, I am 45 days in with 45 days to go. Antes de my arrival, I planned on taking a week off from school at my halfway point and going to Mendoza.

I had no clue how to get there. Where I would stay. Who I would go with. If I could leave school. Or what I would when I go there. Forty-five days in, I have at least the first four questions answered... minus the what we are going to do. Which in all honesty is not important. Not knowing is the true adventure of life... as I am discovering.

I am going with "the family" minus one. My one sister is heading down Sur to travel while the other four of us pack our bags for the sunshine and vineyards. It is a 17 hour bus ride to Mendoza. Yes, 17 of them. This will be my first experience on a bus that I get my own bed. I plan on sleeping the whole time... you can ask my sisters back home in GA... "when Meg gets into a car, she sleeps the whole time." :)

Something else that I love about my first 45 days in Argentina is my name. My name is Megan. My best friends call me Meg. My family calls me Meg or Megan. In Argentina I am Meg. In Argentina I am Rubia :) aka... Blondie.

My birthday cake even said happy birthday Rubia. I think I am one of the only natural rubias in the whole country of Argentina. Well, at least from what I have seen. Even in Chile, I stood out quite well. I will have to say that the "family" has every hair gene covered pretty well: dos morenos, dos pelirojos, and una robia.

As much as this Rubia wants to write more and upload some fotos!! My computer is still dead. My mom has sent me all my computer discs and I plan on fixing my computer as soon as I return from Mendoza.

Please think of me as I travel north. I hope that this blog finds everyone well.

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