Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 55: Bari, Bari-loche

Well-- it took me roughly 2 hours to upload these fotos and this is not even the beginning. Though it is a start. I made it back from Mendoza safe and sound. A little wine-logged, you could say. Roughly the same as water logged, except this one includes a purple boca instead of pruned hands and feet.

These pictures below are a little bit of my life in Bariloche with my friends. Look for Mendoza pictures in the next few days!

I have started calling Bari, Bari-loche home. I like having a new home here. For me, a home includes friends and family. A sense of being somewhere that makes me feel safe; I feel this in Bariloche.

This is Claire. She is holding the adventura of making banana nut bread. I think the recipe was in English, but Claire, John and Brandon had to play the conversion game of the ingredients in the kitchen. I pulled out the watch card; as I traditionally do with cooking.

The kitchen did not have all the correct bowls or measuring cups. John crushed up butter with a fork. Claire kept pouring the black sugar (yes, black sugar) and the flour until she thought it tasted right. Brandon lit the oven (which literally meant lighting it with a match from the bottom of the gas oven). We decided that 350 degrees was roughly one click to the left... or it might have been the right... either way, it turned out amazing. y muy rico.

Not to mention, the next day we had french-toasted, banana bread with homemade jam... :)

The next serious of pictures are from Valentine's Day. Hints the red accent.

This is John. Standing with the amazing coche that I want to take home with me...
it even has suicide doors...

This is Molly. Miss Molly is my sister. We live together. I can not decide what I like the most about this picture: the reds in the roses and in her dress or the priceless grin on her face...

I just really like this picture.

John gave us gals roses for Valentine's Day. Close up.

I am going to leave you with the pictures from my hike to Refugio Frey y Catedral that I took the weekend before I left to Mendoza. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy- xoxo.

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