Sunday, December 6, 2009

thanks to the Rotary

I would be selfish to say that this trip is anything but a blessing. I have wanted to travel abroad for years. Plane hopping has always been my national pastime as my grandmother has even so gracefully pointed out-- I am the busiest person she knows.

So I have a slight problem with keeping my feet on the ground. I don't know who to blame it on but my mom and dad. They never limited me to staying home. My first BIG trip alone: Panama City with the middle school band. "I will split the price with you" is the travel motto that began then and has let me explore all of my heart and mind's desires.

Entering college, I did not expect this motto to stand. College meant big girl status. I told my mom I wanted to study abroad and I will never forget her words: If you want to study abroad, you will find a way.

Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation have answered my want to study abroad more than I could have EVER imagined. They have provided me with the tools to learn, live and return home to share with others what it means to share "service above self" as a Rotary Ambassador.

Before I leave for Argentina, I have to thank the Rotary. None of this would be possible without them, or without their ongoing mission to empower people to go and live with the intent of furthering global understanding.

Thank you. To the Rotary: in my hometown and the foundation. Thank you to my family, fiance and friends, and mostly-- thank you God for this once in a lifetime trip.

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  1. Megan! Fabulous! thanks for sharing! where exactly will you be and what exactly will you be doing (studying)? can't wait to hear all of your adventures!