Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 63: las hijas

My sister and I are sad today.
Molly and I are sad.
We went at 9:30 a.m. to say good-bye to our other sister, Claire.

Saying good-bye is always the same.
Regardless of what continent you are on.
Regardless of how ready you think you are for that person to leave.
Regardless of how many times you say good-bye, it never gets easier.

LUCKILY... I have no doubt that I will see Ms. Claire again... maybe I will go help her 'sling' a few weddings this summer in Boulder, CO... who knows :-)


The daughters.
Las hijas.
The sisters.
Las hermanas.
For the next four weeks, Molly and I are gonna have grand adventures.
Today, we are recharging our batteries.
while vegging out to some American television.
Con Spanish subtitles, of course.


I am officially addicted to tea.
I drink it at least six times a day.
I bought dough tortilla shells, cheese and tomatoes, and made crispy unfolded empanadas.
The hottest part:
I found hot sauce.

I have yet to mention the lack of hot foods in Bariloche.
There is one place called the "Map Room" that actually has Tabasco from New Orleans, but besides that... no hot sauce.
Until TODAY :-)

So with a lot of tomatoes, queso and a gallon of extra picante,
Molly and I are nursing our lose of Claire with fire tongues.

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